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If you have never made a vision board or heard of a vision board then you have been missing out on a fun way to put your dreams and goals into a tangible item you can focus on. A vision board is a board that you put together with images and words relating to the things you want in your future. For example; you might want a new home – you could create a specific board with your new home as the focus. Alternatively you would create a vision board that has all the things you want in your next year i.e. more money, bigger house, new car, holiday, new job, baby – whatever it might be.

So the choice really is yours as to whether you create a specific board or a general board that has all of your dreams and goals included in it.

Here are somvision board ideas for you to think about; some of the things you may use your vision board for are specific items you want such as a new car, job or house or even a partner or to set your goals for a new year or towards a particular event.

To create the vision board you collect images and words from a variety of media such as newspapers, magazines, catalogues, flyers or images you have found on the internet and printed out. Be very specific with the images you use – if you want a two story house then only use images of a two story house. Look at the features of the house – only use images that show the features you want. If you want a car, be sure to use images and words to show the exact make, model and colour of the car you want.

The clearer you are on your dream the clearer the message to the universe. Not being specific is often where people go wrong when it comes manifesting their desires whether through a vision board or wishlist etc.


You can create your vision board using a few simple supplies :

1. For the base of the board you can use a canvas in any size, a large piece of cardboard, a corkboard or even a wall or door – the key is to use something you can hang so you can see it everyday.

2. Attach the images using either glue or drawing pins/push pins or in the case of a wall or door using Bluetak

3. Cut out your images then place them all over the board. There is no real science to the way you place the images just put them where they feel right.

4. Hang your completed board in a space where you will see it every day so you remain focused on your vision.

I’d love to see what you create so feel free to share your photos of your vision board over on my Facebook page.

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