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Reiki is a natural method of energy healing.  It is an ancient Japanese practice to bring about healing in the body.  It is based upon the theory that all lifeforms are energy based and therefore if your energy is reacting to blockages this creates illness and unease.

It is performed by qualified Reiki practitioners and is a safe and gentle method of energy movement that promotes well-being and peacefulness which in turn allows your energy source to function at its highest frequency.

This therapy is performed while a client is laying down and fully clothed but can be also be performed via distance energy readings.  The principle behind therapy is that there is an unseen energy force or grid that surrounds us all. A reiki practitioner can tap into this energy field and perform a series of hand movements and symbols either over or on the body to promote removal of any blockages and a free flow of energy once again.

Distance Reiki works in a similar fashion but the practitioner performs the healing through tapping into the frequency of your energy vibration.  With experience and practice Distance Reiki therapy can work as effectively as hands on Reiki and can provide relief to many ailments suffered by the client.


During a Reiki session it is not uncommon for the client to drift off to sleep as their body realigns their energy system and releases stress that has been held within the body. Others may not fall asleep but will feel a deep sense of relaxation and calm throughout their body and often a warm sensation spreading through their body as the energy is rebalanced.

Because of the safe and gentle nature this therapy it is the perfect modality for use with children and those who are seriously ill as it does not involve any physical therapy of any kind and simply provides a gentle energy shift within the body.  Reiki has been attributed to helping many illnesses from the common cold to cancer.  This therapy is often used as a complimentary therapy and clients should not cease their regular visits with their doctor or health professional but should incorporate Reiki into their regime for wellness.

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