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Adult Therapy
We’ll support you during life's tough times.

Adulting is hard at times. No one likes to be in emotional pain and feel like they are alone without support.

Individual Counselling

Sometimes life has some challenges that you can’t see your way through. Counselling is a personal opportunity for you to receive the support you need during challenging times. Our specialist staff will work one-on-one with you in a safe, confidential and caring environment.

Couples Counselling

Every relationship is unique and will have many wonderful aspects and often some complex challenges also. It is not uncommon for relationships as they evolve to change and become challenging as couples feel overwhelmed when trying to balance everyday life with a healthy relationship.

adult therapy

We are here and listening.

At Innate Therapies we have specialist counsellors that are highly experienced in supporting people through life’s tough times.  Our team are here to support you every step of the way. We will guide you towards a more balanced, happy and fulfilling life.

Some reasons why you might see a counsellor are:

You don’t have to struggle in silence.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling can help you with the individual’s immediate or near future concerns. It is often called psychotherapy, talk therapy, or treatment, and it is a personal process where the individual is assisted to explore their feelings, beliefs and behaviours. It could also be working through some challenging aspects of your life to gain a better understanding of oneself, set personal goals, and move towards desired change you would like.

Together with the Counsellor we will assess your immediate needs and we will help you work through your challenges. Some areas that we can assist you with are:

Some individuals benefit greatly from talking therapy, whilst other many need more tailored therapy such as Art therapy, Clayfield therapy, Sandplay therapy or Guided drawing. At Innate Therapy our staff are qualified in a range of counselling modalities that will suit a variety of individuals and their own needs. You can read more about our different modalities here: (hyperlink to page of different therapies).

Frequently Asked Questions

We can all benefit from seeing a counsellor at certain times of our lives. The ability to talk with someone who is not emotionally involved and therefore holds no bias is great to assist you in working through aspects of your life that are not working, not feeling great or preventing you to move forward.

You as the client have total control of the session which means that if you did not wish to discuss something you do not have to. You as the client direct the counsellor into the direction you choose to go.

This is so different for everyone. It is great to start off weekly as the therapeutic relationship is forming, then move to fortnightly, then monthly then ceasing counselling to allow you to integrate your new way of being into your everyday life

Most counselling sessions are offered Face to Face, or Online* via our secure Telehealth service. 

Couples / Relationship Counselling

When priorities change for each individual such as personal interests, work, family, friends, and children it may suffer. The areas in which relationships often suffer most are in communication and understanding, care or respect, physical intimacy and affection, or attention or interest. Some of the major areas of relationship breakdown are:

Relationship counselling can offer the couple a safe non-judgemental space to reflect on their patterns of behaviour, explore, recognize and resolve conflicts with the focus to improve their interactions. When you understand these things, it can help you to again enjoy closeness and intimacy with your partner.

Relationship counselling at Innate Therapy can provide you with tools to make thoughtful and intentional decisions about your relationship, and to offer you the tools to make positive and lasting change in your relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect a safe and nurturing environment for both you and your partner to be able to talk about how things are you within your relationship. This is a non-judgmental space which makes every attempt to keep balance within the room as both voices are important

As every relationship is unique it is important to allow what needs to happen to occur, this sometimes means that individuals would be seen without their partner present to allow individual work to be done and then bring it back to the relationship.

If you partner does not wish to attend, that is ok. You can book in to see the therapist to discuss the relationship from your perspective. You may like to go home to your partner and discuss things that were explored during therapy in the hope that they may join in later.

That is answer that can not be answered as each relationship is different and the level of complexity within each relationship is unique. It would be great to aim for at least six sessions to allow the opportunity for positive change to occur.

You don’t have to struggle in silence.

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