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Not all therapies are the same

We can provide you with various tools and therapies to assist you get the right care.

Sensorimotor Art Therapy

Sensorimotor Art Therapy is a body focused therapy that uses the creative process of making art as a gentle and safe way to express your inner feelings and experiences. It is used to discover new awareness and find strategies for personal healing. Art therapy uses a range of mediums such as crayons, collage, pastels, clay, guided imagery, movement and role play. All of these mediums can help to develop self-awareness, explore emotions and address any unresolved conflict or trauma.

Therapy Through Play

Play therapy is a process where relationship between therapist and child is developed through play. It allows the therapist to enter the child’s world, follow their lead, and build a relationship of trust through the creation of a safe place. It is in this safe place the child can express their thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviours. In play therapy the toys are their words, and play is their language and this can help to work with trauma that can’t be expressed with words, but can be expressed through play.

Interplay Therapy

Interplay is a non-directive approach that combines humanistic principles with attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology (how the mind is shaped by relationship). In Interplay Therapy parents and care givers become central to the child’s therapeutic process. Our core belief is that therapists should see children within their family system and for optimal growth and healing within their attachment relationships.

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Symbol Work and Sand Play

Sandplay Therapy and Symbol work are powerful therapeutic tools that offer a hands-on approach to expressive counselling and forms a bridge between traditional talking therapy and expressive therapy.

Sand play and symbol work are therapeutic tools for self- discovery and emotional healing. By arranging small objects in a sand tray, children, adolescents and adults can unlock the subconscious/unconscious mind and reveal unspoken dilemmas.

Once the participant does their sand play and symbol work session the completed art will show a representation form of how they are feeling, and this allows the therapist to talk through a resolution. This therapy is highly effective in reducing the emotional causes behind challenging behaviours.

Clay Field Therapy

Clay Field Therapy is a therapy used for healing trauma in adults, adolescents and children with its focus on the sense of touch and the movement of hands. The purpose is not to create a finished product to take home, nor is it creating art pieces, but rather healing through touch. The movement of the hands with added sensory perception whilst moving the clay and moulding it with warm water, can provide lasting therapeutic benefits.

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Safe and Sound Protocol is a therapy designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity, and to enhance social engagements and resilience. Known to work well with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder it can help with emotional control, behavioural organisation, hearing sensitivity and listening. It calms the physiological and emotional state, which opens the door for improved communication.

The SSP exercises the neural pathways associated with regulating behavioral state and social engagement. These are aspects of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). And just as the brain is plastic and can change based on experience, the ANS is also plastic.

SSP is a simple therapy whereby the participant listens to specific audio tracks over a series of days whilst doing a quiet activity with someone they connect with.


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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a therapy that is alternative for physical pain and emotional distress. EFT is a needle free form of acupuncture that uses fingers to stimulate energy points on the body which releases blockages. Through this release in the body, the problem feelings can also be released and moved through and from the body. This technique can create a balance in the person’s energy system and treat pain. It is also widely used as a treatment for anxiety, PTSD, and body pain. We use Tappy Bear in our sessions for younger children.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a therapy for a range of mental and emotional issues and works well for anxiety and depression. It will help for anyone who needs support to change or challenge their own unhelpful thoughts, develop coping skills and change their own thinking. CBT aims to help anyone to see how their thinking affects their mood and teaches a less negative way of thinking about yourself, or your life and change negative habits. The strategies taught are designed to bring about positive changes that will increase quality of life.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a form of psychotherapy and a branch of clinical behaviour analysis. It uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies mixed with commitment and behaviour-change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility. ACT focuses on encouraging people to embrace their feelings and thoughts and helps them to behave in ways that align with their own personal values. ACT teaches mindfulness and acceptance skills which creates psychological flexibility and self-acceptance. It is less about controlling your thoughts, but rather accepting your thoughts and feelings through uncontrollable experiences.

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Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy is a therapy that focuses on empowering one’s own ability to solve life’s problems by focusing on how the problem was derived, and how it can be resolved. The focus of Solution Focused Therapy is to search for solutions rather than focusing on problems. This is a hope inducing, and positive emotion, future-orientated approach, which will positively motivate desired behavioural change. Solution-Focused practitioners develop solutions by first generating a detailed description of how the client’s life will be different when the problem is gone or their situation improved.

Expressive Therapies

Expressive therapies are a self-discovery approach that encourages clients to discover insight and make positive change. The emotional therapies method is client centred and gives significance to the client’s own personal interpretations. There are a range of therapies used in Expressive Therapies such as Sandplay, Symbol works, Dream work, Expressive Art, Mandala artwork, body focus and visualisation. Through the combination of these therapies, a client can re-connect their positive emotions, have self-discovery, and encourage positive insights and change for the client. It’s a very deep therapy that has incredible benefits.

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