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We support organisations during critical incidents

If you or your workplace has experienced a critical incident, please contact us immediately.

The World Health Organisation describes a critical incident as an event out of the range of normal experience, which is sudden and unexpected, involves the perception of threat to life and can include elements of physical and emotional loss. 


Don't leave it too long.

To support your team and employees who have been involved in a critical incident is ensuring their emotional wellbeing is being fully supported. Our Clinical Psychologists are fully trained in assisting your team through traumatic experiences.

This may include individual or group sessions.

We are also here to support business and organisations ensure that their team is supported through post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and given access to all types of trauma therapy. 

Counsellors at Innate Therapies are trained in Psychological First aid and can provide immediate and ongoing support for yourself and your staff.

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