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Want something a little different? Innate Therapies runs workshops for the local community.

Having Fun with Vision Boards

You set you intentions through a vision board. A vision board is a collage of images and words that emotionally charge you; they have some real meaning to you and excite your senses.

A vision board is a tool to use that works towards bringing to you the life you want to live, it shows who you want to become, what you want to have in your life, where you want to live or holiday to.

This fun and engaging program uses various interventions including:

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Recognising and Building Resources within – using Art Therapy

This experiential art therapy workshop has been created to provide workers within the community service industry, with a working insight into what art therapy can do for themselves and for their clients.

Through the use of various mediums and materials you will discover and explore yourself through art therapy and connect with your own inner resources to create a fulfilling path moving forward.

In addition, you will then be equipped with new tools to share with your clients and be able to assist them to identify and build resources within, to enable them to embrace art therapy as a way to create the foundation and inner safety to work on any barriers, blocks or past traumas they have experienced.

 A willingness to be open and explore. No previous art experience is required.

I want to find my inner creativity!

Using Mandalas ​with Clients

This experiential and fun workshop will guide you through creating your personal Mandala as well as an understanding of how to utilise Mandalas with your clients.

Mandalas are used as an instrument for communicating messages from our unconscious self to our conscious self, allowing us to connect with our inner self and create a more fulfilling path forward in life and regain a sense of balance.​

What you will discover in this workshop:

I want to find my inner creativity!

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