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We support counsellors to help them grow.

Supervision for counsellors is a session where a Counsellor meets with a supervisor who is trained and qualified to mentor, support, and guide a Counsellor with their counselling skills and practice. 

Supervision for counsellors

Counsellors Supervision - Let us help you upskill

Supervision for Counsellors provides the opportunity to gain a balanced insight into their skills and abilities and how to learn new tools to better assist their clients. 

Debriefing is also a very important element of supervision as it allows the counsellor to look objectively at the issues, they have brought to Supervision to discuss. 

Counselling can have its challenges, such as burnout, projection, transference, and blurring of professional boundaries. A supervisor is trained to assist the Counsellor to avoid things from occurring in their own counselling practice and to guide them to a more professional practice. 

At Innate Therapies we have very experienced supervisors, that have excellent communication skills, a thorough depth of understanding of the ethical nature of the role, and full understanding of the skills required to be an excellent Counsellor. If you would like to increase your knowledge and skills in a non-judgemental environment, feel supported and have professional guidance then Innate Therapies is the perfect fit for your Supervision needs. 

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