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Caring for the mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body.

In fact, one cannot be healthy without the other. At Innate Therapies, we know that everyone is unique. That is why we have a range of evidence based therapies we integrate into our traditional counselling methods to get to the root of a problem. Think of your problems like a weed, we can’t just hack off the leaves. We need to dig right down to the roots and sort things out from there and sometimes that’s hard with traditional counselling. That is why these evidence-based therapies effectively source the root of the problem.

A treatment method that is “evidence-based,” is backed up by objective, scientific evidence that proves it is effective.

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You don’t have to struggle in silence. 

We have a range of options to support your needs.

Children’s Therapy

We support children & young adults through difficult & worrying times to help them heal. During childhood there is rapid and intense change in a child’s life and growing up can be difficult. For some children it is relatively easy and smooth, and even exciting during their transitions to adulthood. For others the transition is overwhelming and wrought with challenges. If your child is facing some challenges, then your child may need some specialist age-appropriate counselling to help them overcome, develop skills, resilience, and confidence.

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Adult’s Therapy

We’ll support you during life’s tough times. No one likes to be in emotional pain and feel like they are alone without support. At Innate Therapies we have specialist counsellors that are highly experienced in supporting people through life’s tough times.  Counselling is a personal opportunity for you to receive the support you need. Our team are here to support you every step of the way. We will guide you towards a more balanced, happy and fulfilling life through individual or couples/relationship counselling. Problems only get solved when you stop ignoring them.

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Relationship & Family Therapy

We support adults, couples, parents, families and carers during life’s tough times. Every relationship is unique and will have many wonderful aspects and often some complex challenges also. We support families through difficult & worrying times to help them heal whether that be from a traumatic event, separation, mental health issues, death of a family member and much more. Family therapy can help to identify problems that are impacting each individual family member. Through therapy, we can assist the family to move forward and form stronger relationships.

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Supervision for Counsellors

We support counsellors to help them grow. Supervision is a session where a Counsellor meets with a supervisor who is trained and qualified to mentor, support, and guide a Counsellor with their counselling skills and practice. Counselling can have its challenges, such as burnout, projection, transference, and blurring of professional boundaries. A supervisor is trained to assist the Counsellor to avoid these things from occurring. Through supervision a Counsellor has the opportunity to gain a balanced insight into their own personal skills and learn new tools to better assist their clients.

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Attachment & Trauma Therapy

At Innate Therapies we have specialist therapists who work with children and adults who require attachment and trauma therapy. Your first relationships impact how your sense of self develops, and how you see relationships working. People who have been exposed to abuse, abandonment, and neglect in their early years of life often have an inability to form healthy interpersonal relationships. These traumas can have subtle yet long-lasting effects on a person’s emotional health. Secure attachment teaches your nervous system how to regulate.

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Critical Incident Support

Critical incidents happen. This could be a workplace or school accident, injury or death of a co-worker, injury or death of a client or student, violent incident at work, robbery or another traumatic event. When an accident or incident has happens in the workplace, education facility or in the community, and the staff, students or others have been impacted and need debriefing, a therapist goes in and supports those who have witnessed or been impacted by the incident. Innate Therapies have trainer therapists who help in these emotionally charged and challenging situations.

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Workshops & Courses

We create amazing programs that improve the emotional wellbeing of our participants. Being a well-rounded and resilient human being that is content with one’s life, is a journey of lifelong learning. If you aren’t taught effective ways to deal with life’s ups and downs, that can lead to many negative feelings and can impact your self-confidence, create habits or emotional responses that have a negative impact on yourself and those around you and so much more. That is why at Innate Therapies we believe in educating children and adults through our amazing programs.

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Services Available

We have a range of services to support your needs.

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)


Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Therapy Through Play


Clay Field



Sensorimotor Art Therapy


Expressive Therapies


Symbol work and Sand Play


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Here’s what some of our clients are saying

I would recommend Clay Therapy as a form of emotional relief from childhood trauma. With great appreciation to Donna my therapist, I can now finally do many things which I used to shy away from. I am now totally free from my childhood fear of the unknown or unfamiliarity. Some of the debilitating and anxiety driven fears, I portray in my adult life were the fear of making a mistake, not being good enough, fear of public speaking, fear when meeting new people or going to new and unfamiliar place. Since my clay field therapy, I now can dance in public, speak in public forums, I’ve started my own business, and grown in confidence so much. I cannot recommend working with Donna enough.

Clay Therapy - Client