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Relationship Counselling for adults, couples, parents, families and carers during life's tough times.

Looking for Relationship and Couples Counselling?

We provide lifelong strategies to deal with the worlds ups and downs.

Adulting is hard at times. No one likes to be in emotional pain and feel like they are alone without support.

Relationship and Family Therapy

Counselling and Support Services

At Innate Therapies, we have a team of specialist counsellors with extensive experience. They are devoted to creating counseling sessions that meet your individual needs. These sessions can help you navigate the difficult times in life.

Our team of professionals will be by your side, offering guidance and support as you embark on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. We strive to ensure that you reach an improved state of mental wellbeing, enabling you to live a more balanced, happy and fulfilling life.

We aim to support all people in Australia. Our goal is for them to live with positive and respectful relationships. We believe that people have the capacity to change how they relate to others when facing relationship difficulties. This can lead to better health and wellbeing.

Some reasons why you might see a counsellor are:

You don’t have to struggle in silence.

Couples / Relationship Counselling

When priorities change for each individual such as personal interests, work, family, friends, and children it may suffer. The areas in which relationships often suffer most are in communication and understanding, care or respect, physical intimacy and affection, or attention or interest. Some of the major areas of relationship breakdown are:

Relationship and Couples counselling can offer the couple a safe non-judgemental space to reflect on their patterns of behaviour, explore, recognize and resolve conflicts with the focus to improve their interactions. When you understand these things, it can help you to again enjoy closeness and intimacy with your partner.

Marriage counselling at Innate Therapy can provide you with tools to make thoughtful and intentional decisions about your relationship, and to offer you the tools to make positive and lasting change in your relationships.

We cover Relationship Difficulties and Breakdown, Individuals, Couples and Pre-Marriage Counselling, Self-Esteem, Grief and Loss, Managing Change, Decision-Making, Family Separation and Dispute Resolution, Communication, Anger Management, Stress, Life’s Transition, Bullying, Burnouts & Parenting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect a safe and nurturing environment for both you and your partner to be able to talk about how things are you within your relationship. This is a non-judgmental space which makes every attempt to keep balance within the room as both voices are important

As every relationship is unique it is important to allow what needs to happen to occur, this sometimes means that individuals would be seen without their partner present to allow individual work to be done and then bring it back to the relationship.

If you partner does not wish to attend, that is ok. You can book in to see the therapist to discuss the relationship from your perspective. You may like to go home to your partner and discuss things that were explored during therapy in the hope that they may join in later.

That is answer that can not be answered as each relationship is different and the level of complexity within each relationship is unique. It would be great to aim for at least six sessions to allow the opportunity for positive change to occur.

Most relationship counselling sessions are offered Face to Face, or Online* via our secure Telehealth service. 

Family Counselling

Family can be a wonderful place where one feels they belong, are nurtured, understood and loved. It can also be a place of grief, heartbreak, abuse and mistrust. Sometimes when things go wrong in families, family therapy can help to put things right.

Families are unique. They are composed of individuals with varying attitudes, personalities, and opinions. Consequently, conflicts can easily arise.

Family members can have difficulty communicating during interactions, leading to relationship difficulties. They may become stuck in negative patterns of behavior, making it hard to make changes.

Family therapy and counselling sessions can help to identify problems that are impacting each individual family member. This system works by providing a secure and moderated environment. Each person’s grievance can be openly expressed without fear of judgement. The constructive conversations that result will help members communicate better with each other.

At Innate Therapy, our Counsellors specialize in helping families. We aim to help them understand each other, change negative behaviours, and create long-term positive changes. This way, families can thrive together in unity.

Frequently Asked Questions

A breakdown in communication is very common in families, when there is high emotions, we all tend to stop listening.

The goal is to bring harmony back into the family home and to provide a space where everyone has the opportunity to feel they have been heard.

Every member gets to talk about what it is like for them to be in the family. This is facilitated by the therapist to ensure that everyone gets to have their voice heard. The desired outcome is that once everyone has been heard each member commits to a positive change they can make to change the family dynamics. .

This is the family’s goals and a commitment by each member to make positive change to work toward those goals. .

Communication, disrespect, not wanting to follow family rules, sibling conflict. Parent and child conflict. .

You don’t have to struggle in silence.

Parent / Carer Support Counselling

Parenting and caring for a child can be so incredibly rewarding and just as equally challenging! Having the privilege to care for our children can be so rewarding as we support them through their journey to independence, and also can be a thankless, frustrating and a lot of hard work, especially as they transition into teenage years.

Human connection is so very special and important and one of the most important connections is the one between parent and child. It therefore is very difficult when the connection is being challenged or is breaking completely. Parents care for the physical daily needs of their children; however, they are also responsible for helping their child develop life skills, social skills, support their emotional wellbeing, and teach appropriate behaviour.


There is no family that does not have its challenges, arguments or stress. A major contributor to this is the way a parent or carer manages their own personal stress, handle conflicts, and parents their child, or how the child behaves, supports it needs, and working together to have harmony in the home. When it is going well it is great, when it isn’t, it can be a source of great pain.

Parent / Carer counselling aims to provide you with support, guidance, tools, knowledge and emotional support. This counselling is service that will provide you with unbiased guidance and will help you to identify the needs of each individual in your family and having a closer look at the well-being of your family unit, and to work out strategies for making lasting and positive change.

This type of counselling is different to Family counselling which has its own set of benefits for the family as a unit, Parenting counselling focuses on how you as the parent affect the dynamics of your family. 

At Innate Therapies we provide different therapies and modalities with the aim to help parents to know their parenting style, how they can use tools to help their relationship with their child, and to assist them to grow, restore, or increase the harmony in their home.

You don’t have to struggle in silence.

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