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The process of early attachment with our primary caregivers begins before we are born, and has a significant impact on how we view the world and the relationships we have.  How this process goes, and whether it is healthy, inconsistent, or involves trauma, can significantly impact how a person relates to others throughout his or her life taking it into their relationships as an adult.  

For children who grow up with parents who can support their immediate needs will form a stable attachment, and therefore the child learns that the world around them is safe and predictable. A positive caregiver-child bond helps to establish healthy development, self-confidence, self-regulation, and a pattern for developing other relationships. In general, if parents consistently meet their children’s needs, including comfort, physical affection, basic needs for survival, in a sensitive manner, the children will grow with attachment security. A secure attachment is a crucial factor for the development of children’s emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal skills. With attachment security, a person will feel comfortable expressing emotions, more self-confident in relationships, and more likely to cope with negative situations and feelings in healthy ways.


If a baby experiences the absence of the primary caregiver which may include mental illness, divorce, illness, death or inability to parent through their own attachment story can result in trauma therefore creating an unhealthy attachment pattern to form for the child. It may also include a parent who is unpredictable therefore creating a relationship that is not consistent around nurture. Whatever the attachment style that plays out within the child’s life as it seeks comfort and attachment repair from others.

At Innate Therapies, we work with children and adults in attachment and trauma repair which is done through creating a space that is safe and secure to allow the therapeutic work to be done.


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