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How to stop stuttering…my story using emotional freedom technique (EFT)

I was recently asked how I managed to overcome the stuttering (stammering) that I have had since childhood. I actually don’t remember a time when I didn’t have it so it was very much a big part of who I was. Add to it the fact that I was also a very shy child and it made childhood extremely hard.

Whilst I don’t really know exactly what it was that caused the stuttering, given my work now as a counsellor and trauma counsellor, it is fairly safe to say that it was triggered by the events of my childhood such as being a victim of sexual abuse, growing up with a mother that was in an abusive relationship with my father (despite him leaving when I was six weeks old the ramifications were long felt), being born with lower limb injuries which required ongoing hospitalisation as well as growing up in a family where physical punishment was the norm. On top of the stuttering I grew up suffering from both general and social anxiety so as you can see, the picture wasn’t a pretty one from the start.

During my school years I do remember comments such as “spit it out”, “talk properly” and hit by my mother and sniggering from her. There wasn’t really any effort to help me fix the stuttering and I remember a conversation one day with my Nanna where she explained to me that I need to slow down and think before I speak. Little did she know that thinking makes it worse as it builds the anxiety and the likelihood of stammering is much higher.


Over the years I had tried many different things try to stop the stuttering including counselling, self-awareness techniques and researching tips to control anxiety, as this is linked to the stammering/stuttering. Whilst they all helped to a degree, none really got it under complete control until I learnt EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. Within my research for myself I came across EFT and it made sense to me, so I decided to give it a go. Like life always does, it provided me with an opportunity to attend a level one and two training course that now allows me to show others how this amazing technique can really change lives.

I often will use EFT when I notice that my stammering/stuttering is getting worse as there are contributing factors that enhance this. My stammering has not gone, it is much less which of course has increased my confidence in talking to others and in front of a group, but it is still present. I am told is hardly noticeable, but I still have the underlying anxiety/fear that it will happen again.

I’m often asked at what age would you recommend others begin using EFT as a method of treating a stutter. There is no age as such but the sooner the better to ensure long term anxiety is then kept to a minimum. EFT can be used by adults and children. When working with children and teaching them emotional freedom technique I use the two Tappy Bears that I have for use to work through the sequence which is just as effective and produces positive, life changing results.

If you would like more information on how emotional freedom technique can cure stuttering in children and adults, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Sessions can be held not only in person in my Cairns counselling rooms but I also offer EFT via Skype.

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