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Family counselling clients are often surprised at how beneficial family counselling can be. For many people the thought of going to a counsellor can be quite daunting and they often feel embarrassed. The reality is that sometimes families need help to make their way through the maze of everyday life. We live in a very busy world with family dynamics being very different from what they were even two decades ago. No matter what the makeup is of a family the same issues are needing to be dealt with such as job loss, constant arguing, teenagers, general conflict where no resolution can be found and sometimes it can simply be a way to ensure that the family remains a strong unit by sitting down with an experienced family counsellor to learn strategies and tips for balancing life as a family.

It is important when seeking family counselling that you feel comfortable with the person you have chosen and that they are not only qualified but also have a good reputation. Ask friends and family for a referral or phone your GP and ask them to recommend someone. Not all counsellors are the same and some have a far better understanding of family dynamics and issues that modern families face.


There are no rules around when it is appropriate to seek family counselling. If you are feeling like your family is no longer cohesive and operating as a family unit or any other issue that might be taking its toll on the family, then it is the right time. Being proactive is always far more beneficial than leaving it far too late when the damage has already been done.

Some of the reasons our clients seek family counselling are:

  1. Dealing with teenagers as a family unit
  2. Change in family dynamics i.e. divorce/separation, new relationships, new baby
  3. Job loss by one or both parents
  4. General stress caused by modern day living
  5. Financial stresses
  6. Lack of trust or respect within the family unit
  7. Ongoing issues causing conflict.

Whatever the reason the most important thing is that you reach out to give your family the best possible chance of remaining a tight family unit. Ignoring ongoing issues never works as a solution and eventually creates too much stress within a family. It is far better to seek help and learn new coping mechanisms before it gets to the point of no return.

If you would like to book a family counselling session for your family then please contact us to book your in-house appointment at our Cairns rooms. For rural clients we can offer family counselling via Skype.

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