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Are you looking for relationship counsellor near you?

In today’s world, more than ever, couples are turning to couple’s therapy and relationship counselling to support them in ensuring their relationship can survive the turmoil of a busy, modern life.

Starting a new relationship is easy. Growing and maintaining the relationship is where the work begins. Depending on the personalities of each party, the backgrounds, upbringing and beliefs; the relationship may face its share of ups and downs as you work out the areas that you both need to agree on, the ones you are non-negotiable on and the ones that are crucial to the success of a relationship.

Just as we do the groundwork before we buy a new car or new home, we should also treat our new relationship to the same level of research and negotiation.  A relationship that starts with clear intentions and expectations is one that can weather the storms that come with living together, marriage, children and outside pressures.


For the most part, couples enter into a relationship with no future planning of how they will raise children together, how they will handle money issues, how they will handle job losses, illness etc.  It isn’t until such time as one of these events happens that the reality sets in and you find out that the person you have built your life with, actually has very different views on the things that are crucial to be united on. When that happens you begin to see a lot of conflict arise in a relationship and with conflict comes unhappiness, resentment and anger; all of which are detrimental to a harmonious relationship.

Life is hectic and demanding and often brings with it a lot of pressure.  When you combine that pressure with already conflicting views and beliefs, you create a melting pot of emotions and disharmony in a relationship until such time as it boils over.  The alternative is to start as you mean to go on and seek support from outside sources such as a relationship counsellor or couple’s therapist to help you work through the big issues that will arise so that when they do appear, you already have a united front and complete understanding of each other’s viewpoint and can move forward together rather than against each other and create a relationship that can stand the test of time.

Our therapists and counsellers cover individuals couples, couples counselling, counselling sessions, relationship difficulties, relationship counselling.

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