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Trauma is not just physical injury. A major part of trauma is the damage you cannot see, i.e. the emotional damage caused by a traumatic event. Being a Trauma Counsellor is a specialised area of counselling and in particular when it relates to trauma counselling for children. The techniques used, and the therapies required to support adults and children through trauma, need to be delivered differently and with extreme care and the utmost respect for the specific situation and person/s involved.  There is no blanket approach to trauma counselling because trauma is different for everyone.

Not only are there varying levels of severity of trauma i.e. a soldier returning from war who suffers from PTSD will have different needs than someone who has undergone a traumatic operation.  Each can result in trauma and PTSD but the way to treat them and the results and expected outcomes will be very different because a) they are very different people, b) the situations they have endured are very different and c) their previous life experiences may impact the outcome and severity.

When you are looking to choose a trauma counsellor it is vital that you feel comfortable with them from the outset.  The success of your treatment is only as good as the counsellor providing it.  If you are not comfortable with the counsellor, feel you are not being heard and are not being offered a variety of up-to-date modalities as part of your counselling, then you may need to look a little further to find the person you need.  The key to knowing you have chosen the right person is to trust your gut instinct.  If it feels right then it probably is.


Whether you choose a counsellor yourself or are referred via your GP, you still have the right to feel you are receiving the highest level of care possible. If you don’t feel that is the case then speak to your GP again and ask for another referral or recommendation.  Remember, what suits one person isn’t necessarily right for the next person.

When you choose a Trauma Counsellor that you feel supported by and knowing you have someone in your corner that can support and assist you through the stages ahead is often the most integral part of a successful recovery as you work together to achieve the long term outcomes for you.

If you or someone you love has been through a traumatic event and would like to find out how you can move forward in life without letting the past drag you down, then please contact Donna to see how she can help you.

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