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Review written by Warren F, Cairns QLD

Sam Gets Two Homes written by Donna Mahoney is a book that Donna wrote to fill a void in tools to help children adjust with their parent’s separation. It also help the parents get an inside view of what the child is thinking, as you may know our children sometimes see things very differently than we do.

Donna is a Cairns local working as a family and child/adolescent counsellor. Other roles current and past include Team Leader in a not for profit organisation, youth worker, group facilitator and family support worker, since 2002.

The Book Sam Gets Two Homes might not reflect every separation but is more focused on the children’s well being. The parents have realised that their relationship is not going to work and are parting ways. The important thing with the story to me is that both parents are putting aside their differences to put their children’s well being first.

The book is not just a story but a working tool to help children understand and open up a opportunity for you to find out what your children are feeling and how their little minds are seeing things. I was almost going to write a few of the questions on here but just asking your child questions can actually be very damaging. By reading the book and starting off slow as the questions in the back of the book does, it’s not confronting for the children.


I would suggest reading the book on your own before to your children in case you find it strikes a nerve with you. But I think it is a great learning tool and story for both parent and child.

I will just note that Donna is a personal friend and I’m proud to be sharing this information with you. Both this book and Donna have helped me through some very serious and stressful family things, that without her help and guidance I’m sure my life would not be as good as it is now. She has also given me information on services helping other single parents find their way

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