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Innate Therapies can support you in leaving the past behind and building a brighter future.


At Innate Therapies we have the most diverse children and adult counselling practice in Far North Queensland. Our Principal Practitioner, Donna Mahoney, is well regarded in Cairns for her work with children who have been subjected to severe trauma and/or sexual abuse.

Donna’s young clients are often referred to her from a variety of Government agencies and non government bodies due to the diversity of her experience with children and trauma.

Not only do we provide standard counselling sessions, where required we also incorporate a variety of specialist modalities including Art Therapy, Sand Play Therapy, Clay Field Therapy and EFT to ensure our clients receive the most effective treatments that we can provide during our sessions.

Donna also works closely with young children at Yarrabah and Gordonvale schools, and provides community workshops throughout Cairns and suburbs on a variety of topics for children and adults.

Whether you are a private client or have been referred through an agency, the care level is exactly the same and the modalities used are available to all clients who see Donna in our Manunda clinic.

To book an appointment for children counselling and adult counselling in Cairns please visit our bookings page here or call us on 0414 480 934.

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