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Acceptance Commitment Therapy or for short ACT helps people live a meaningful life by accepting thoughts and feelings, and taking actions that align with their values.

By incorporating mindfulness and acceptance techniques, ACT empowers patients to respond effectively to challenging situations that are beyond their control.

Can ACT help me?

One area where ACT has shown promising results is in the treatment of chronic pain. Similar to cognitive behavior therapy, ACT helps patients develop skills to manage their pain and improve their overall quality of life. By acknowledging pain and prioritizing what is important, people can lessen the effect of pain on their daily lives.

ACT has been connected to better outcomes in people with long-lasting pain, like cognitive behavior therapy. Some studies suggest it could also be helpful for those with mild to moderate depression. Initial evidence also suggests benefits in cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychosis, smoking, tinnitus, epilepsy, and emotional eating disorders following gastric band surgery.

Moreover, studies have also indicated that ACT may be beneficial for individuals with mild to moderate depression. ACT teaches patients to observe thoughts and emotions without judgment, helping them change their relationship with depressive symptoms. Changing how you see things helps you do things that match your beliefs, making you feel happier and more satisfied.

In addition to chronic pain and depression, ACT has shown promise in other mental health conditions as well. It might work for treating OCD, psychosis, smoking addiction, tinnitus, epilepsy, and emotional eating after gastric band surgery. These findings highlight the potential versatility of ACT as a therapeutic approach.

Overall, ACT offers a unique and holistic approach to therapy by combining mindfulness, acceptance, and value-based actions. ACT helps people live better by helping them do what they believe in, even when it’s hard. Research on ACT shows promise for improving mental health in different conditions. This research offers hope for individuals with a wide range of issues.

ACT Therapy Cairns

What happens in a ACT Session at Innate Therapies?

In ACT, our therapists and clients work together to understand and solve the client’s mental problems in a helpful and cooperative setting. We help the client with a structured process using different techniques and exercises to improve mental flexibility and well-being.

Our therapists start by getting to know you and discussing what the your hopes to achieve in therapy. Our therapist will explain the main ideas of ACT. These ideas include acceptance, mindfulness, and living according to values. The purpose of explaining these ideas is to ensure that you understand the therapy fully.

We help you identify and describe your values. Values are the important qualities and experiences that are meaningful to you. This step is crucial in ACT, as it serves as a guide for the you to make choices and take actions that align with your values, even in the face of difficult thoughts and emotions.

In the session, we will do various mindfulness exercises. These exercises will help you become aware of the present moment. They will also help you accept your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Mindfulness techniques, such as focused breathing or body scans, can help you observe your internal experiences without getting caught up in them or trying to change them.

We also help you identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that may be contributing to your psychological distress. Cognitive defusion helps clients see that thoughts aren’t facts and they can decide how to react to them.

ACT also emphasizes committed action. The client is guided to recognize their values. They are also encouraged to engage in behaviors that align with those values. We may assist you in setting achievable goals and developing strategies to overcome barriers or obstacles that may arise.

Whats next?

At Innate Therapies in Cairns we support, understand, and care for you. We create a safe space for you to discuss your problems and feelings. Our therapist might give homework or recommend books or worksheets to help you improve between sessions.

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a collaborative process. It aims to help clients improve their flexibility, self-awareness, and overall happiness. This therapy encourages clients to take meaningful actions towards a more fulfilling life. 

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