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Understanding Children’s Emotions

The current climate is one that is not only confusing for adults but can be quite distressing to young children. It is important that we help children to understand what emotions are, how they impact their day to day and how to identify each emotion and what it means.

This is an essential process to ensure children learn how to handle all that is going on around them right now and are able to process and deal with the changes.

To assist parents and caregivers we have released our Discovering My Feelings workbooks, free of charge, to allow everyone to have access to the resources we use in our counselling sessions and workshops. This resource will help you work through emotions with your child in a fun and interactive way that will give you a chance to see how they view their emotions and for them to learn and understand how they are currently feeling.


We have produced our workbooks using both caucasian and indigenous characters so that a wide variety of children are able to identify with the characters throughout the workbooks.

You can download your free copies here – simply choose the books you want and download each one. The books are suitable for ages 4-7 and 8-12.

If you or your child is struggling with the current situation and requires 1:1 counselling, we are still operating by utilising Zoom, Skype or Phone consultations and are here to help you through this unsettling time. You can book an appointment online at any time.

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