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Self-Esteem in Children


Within my work as a child, adolescent and family counsellor I come across children and young people who have a very low opinion of themselves, i.e. a low self-esteem. This is very concerning to me for a variety of reasons, and in turn led me to writing a program called Esteemed Champions, to counteract the negative impact of everyday life and to build their resilience in dealing with situations that might come their way.

Esteemed Champions is a four week self-esteem course for children aged 11 – 12. The children are put forward to do the program by either their parents or teachers who have identified that they are in need of assistance in recognising their strengths and shown effective tools in dealing with life’s challenges. Esteemed Champions is a strengths based course using Expressive Therapies, Art Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to achieve the desired outcome.

Here is some feedback from the children who have attended Esteemed Champions (Spelling has been left the way the children wrote it on the evaluation sheet)

  • This is a awesome program, thank you
  • I’m gonna miss you Donna and Tracy
  • This is fun
  • I love this program
  • This program is awesome!!!
  • Can you do more games
  • You are really good
  • Everyone is nice
  • Donna and Tracy. You are the best
  • You are the best
  • Thanks it was really fun.
  • It was cool seeing everyone having a good time as well.
  • I had loads of fun and think you guse are fun
  • This was great and awesome, Thank you
  • I’m going to miss you’s
  • I love this program
  • This group is really fun and I like the teachers they are really funny
  • Today was really fun. I hope it is on next year
  • I really enjoy doing the fun activities
  • I am confident now
  • I love this program
  • I have fun
  • It was really fun and great
  • I had a fun time
  • I had a good time
  • It was fun

Esteemed Champions has made a positive difference in children’s lives and assisted them in building their resilience and self-awareness therefore assisting them to deal with everyday situations more effectively.

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