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One of the biggest reasons people lose themselves is because they have spent so much time being a parent, spouse, caretaker, employee simply just somebody to everyone else. By this, losing ourselves with lack of purpose and forgetting what we really wanted in life.

Signs that you might be lost

1.Negative self talk

2.Lack of interest in anything


4.Low mood, irritable

A Tip how to help find yourself again.

Close your eyes, think of that time you were TRULY happy. How old were you? where were you? What was happening? Make a list of when you can remember when this was for you.

For me it was


Playing basketball and playing well

Accommodation and food provided



Hanging out with friends every weekend

In Shape

Now I understand we may not be able to go back to where we use to be but we can take baby steps to doing what made us once happy. What can you incorporate into your life now?

I started dancing more while cleaning and playing my favourite jams. Signed up for social basketball, it may take some time to get “Good” again but feels nice to be back.

Its nice to look into to the past and get excited about you again. But finding yourself doesn’t always mean going back to what you use to do/be but becoming who you want to be NOW and in the future. Take baby steps and find time for you. You are more than just “something” for everyone else


Written by

Nyre Harris

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