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Bullying fact 1.

Bullying is not the same as the teasing we know of in a silly schoolyard situation where children tease each other. Teasing and bullying are very different things. Teasing or ribbing is light hearted and is a one off, not a continuous attempt to undermine the child or person it is directed to.

Fact 2.

Cyber bullying is increasing and over 80% of people bullied offline are also bullied online (according to

Fact 3.

Alarmingly it is responsible for claiming far too many young lives.

Fact 4.

We can stop the process if we put in place courses and education to ensure that the message starts at a young age.

Fact 5.

It has no boundaries. It isn’t determined by race, age, colour or sex. No-one is exempt.

Fact 6.

It takes a community to eradicate this problem. We cannot just tell a child not to be a bully if they are living in a home environment where they are being bullied. A bully will often exhibit the same behavior they receive, towards another person.

Fact 7.

Bullies rarely act without an audience. (

With violence in our society increasing at an alarming rate, it is time for us to all come together and put in place education to stop bullying.

If you have a class, school or community group who would like to find out more about bullying or hold an anti-bullying course please contact me so we can work together to change lives

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