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Behaviour Management

What is Behaviour Management? Behaviour management is the process of putting in place strategies to recognise and acknowledge positive behaviour by a child either individually or children as a group such as in a school environment.   It is based around having the standards in place to ensure ongoing positive behaviour and the necessary strategies to […]

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Book Review – Sam Gets Two Homes

Review written by Warren F, Cairns QLD Sam Gets Two Homes written by Donna Mahoney is a book that Donna wrote to fill a void in tools to help children adjust with their parent’s separation. It also help the parents get an inside view of what the child is thinking, as you may know our […]

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Definition of bullying

The Oxford Dictionary defines bullying as “Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something”. The real life definition of bullying is someone who uses physical strength, emotional blackmail and verbal threats towards another human being to intimidate, harass, belittle and degrade them. We joke about “being a bully” […]

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