Trauma Counselling Cairns

What is trauma counselling?

At our Cairns practice we see clients living with a variety of conditions that have been caused through traumatic events. Trauma Counselling is a process using a variety of methods and techniques to support a client who has been through a traumatic event or has had major trauma as part of their everyday life for an extended period of time.  Examples of trauma are childhood abuse, sexual abuse in both children and adults, emotional abuse, death of a loved one and situational trauma such as post traumatic stress disorder in our returned servicemen and women.  There is no hard and fast rule however. Trauma affects us all differently.  Undergoing an emergency operation is also a trauma that many people dont realise can take a toll on their emotional well-being.

trauma counselling cairns


When an individual has undergone any form of trauma there is always emotional damage that needs to be treated to allow the individual to live a normal life. For many, trauma can trigger feelings of low self-esteem, fear, insomnia, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and frustration that life will never return to what they believe is normal.  There are of course many more symptoms and each person reacts to trauma differently.  Treating these symptoms is a process and not something that can be done in one session.  It is a multi-dimensional approach that will allow the individual to heal the emotional trauma and release it from their body.  Too often we treat the physical scars but we forget the individual is still struggling with the effect of the emotional scars and if left untreated, can lead to self-harm and suicidal actions.

At Innate Personal Development & Counselling we treat both children and adults who have been through trauma.  We work with you to find the best modality to assist you in not only addressing the trauma but healing it.  We use a variety of techniques such as clayfield therapy, art therapy and traditional counselling methods to create a program that suits you and your needs.  We specialise in working with children who have suffered childhood trauma and have extensive experience working with indigenous children.  We offer trauma counselling in Cairns at either our Kewarra Beach rooms or at a mutually agreed location.  To find out more please contact us.