Relationship Counselling Cairns

What is relationship counselling?


Many couples for a variety of reasons, seek relationship counselling during their relationship. It doesn’t always need to be when they are in conflict about something that they cannot get through it can also be part of maintaining a healthy relationship.  When we enter into a relationship we are two very different people with the one common goal to create a partnership.  The reality of that is that there are going to be conflicts of emotions, thoughts, personalities and morals.  You were raised differently therefore it is natural that you think differently on a range of issues.

By seeking relationship counselling at the beginning or any stage of the relationship it allows you to create a harmonious outline of how you will manage the issues that arise during your lives so that when you are faced with the hard decisions you will know that you can tackle them together without fear of upsetting the other person or a disagreement and tension arising from it.

Relationship Direction

The other side of relationship counselling comes at times of high stress, communication breakdown or the pressures that life brings us.  By seeking outside support from a relationship counsellor you are allowing yourselves to be guided down the rocky road by an impartial person who only has both best interests in mind not their own.  This allows you to discuss the issues you are dealing with in an impartial environment with someone else to guide you both through the emotional side of wanting to be heard and having your opinion validated.

A good relationship counsellor will be able to guide you through the process so you can come to calm and rational agreements on any issues and have the strength you will both need to move forward.  It will allow you to tackle life knowing you understand how the other person is thinking or feeling about particular issues and therefore allow you to view their side of the issues without putting blame or conflict in the way.

We have enough to deal with in life without spending our time in conflict with the person we love the most.   If you feel you would benefit from relationship counselling please contact me today to find out how we can work together for the best outcome for your relationship.