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Lego legends is a collaborative play therapy session in which children work together to build LEGO models.
The aim is for the children to work in pairs or teams of three instead of building by themselves. The task of LEGO building is divided into different roles and each child will get a chance to play each role during the session. Key Social experiences such as collaboration, joint attention, joint accomplishment, division of labour, sharing and turn taking will be coached by the facilitators.
The facilitators work alongside the children providing guidance, encouragement, and support to enhance the children’s social communication, social support, social problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. This fun and engaging Lego session is for children aged 9-12.
Some of the skills worked on during Lego Legends include:
• Collaboration – children work as a group to achieve a common goal
• Joint problem solving, sharing and turn-taking – taking turns in different roles, dividing up the tasks and working on the build together
• Maintaining attention – children need to remain focused on the task to build the models
• Verbal and non-verbal communication – using language and non-verbal skills (such as eye contact) to express ideas and feelings
• Conflict resolution – working through differences for a shared aim
• Creativity – in coming up with a group name, building the models and free playtime
• Fine motor skills – for manipulating the LEGO blocks
• Concepts – children get to learn about colours, numbers, categories, describing and more.
Dates: Thursday 4th August
Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: 9 Barlow Street, Manunda
Cost: $45 | Afternoon tea provided
Please note that the Lego is not to take home and bookings essential as places are limited,
please email or phone 0414 480 934 to register
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