Get to know our practice

Innate Therapies prides itself on providing a homely and comforting environment for our clients. We believe that when you feel comfortable with your surroundings, you respond better to working with our team to help you achieve the best life possible. 

welcome to innate therapies australia

Our rooms are located on the bottom floor of our beautiful old Queenslander at 9 Barlow Street, Manunda. Easily accessible and with plenty of on street parking. 

come on in

Once you enter our rooms you will be met in our reception area by one of our friendly and welcoming team.

counselling room 

For those visiting us for counselling sessions, our comfortable counselling room provides a relaxing setting to allow you to feel at home during your session.

play therapy

Our extensively resourced play therapy room allows our younger clients to feel comfortable while exploring a range of modalities at Innate Therapies.

art therapy, clay field therapy, sand play therapy

We provide a safe space to explore Art Therapy, Clay Field Therapy and Sand Play Therapy for all of our clients and will often incorporate these therapies into our sessions based on the needs of each individual client.


For parents and carers accompanying our young clients, we have a comfortable and relaxing waiting area for you to enjoy some quiet time.

complimentary refreshments

We provide free tea, coffee and bottled water for those needing a refreshment while waiting.