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The effects of bullying

What are the effects of bullying on children? Often when we talk about bullying the focus is on the bully’s behaviour and trying to stop the immediate acts of bullying but what are the hidden effects of bullying that we don’t necessarily see at the time. Children who are being bullied will often wait a […]

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Counselling in Cairns

Counselling in Cairns for children and adults. At Innate Therapies we have the most diverse counselling practice in Far North Queensland. Our Principal Practitioner, Donna Mahoney, is well regarded in Cairns for her work with children who have been subjected to severe trauma and/or sexual abuse. Donna’s young clients are often referred to her from […]

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5 ways to avoid Christmas Burnout

It’s that time of year again where we all start to burn the candle at both ends and by the time Xmas Day comes around we are to exhausted to enjoy it. Over the next few weeks it is really important to focus on your self-care to ensure you don’t burnout either before Xmas or […]

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